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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024
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New recycled plastics can upgrade roads and held curb plastic waste

This highway was made from recycled diapers

Recycling plastic to create a new purpose for it is nothing new. Here at The Optimist Daily, we’ve previously shared how innovators have reused this material to create blocks for building, a sleek chair, and LEGO bricks. A diaper highway For the first time, the plastic in diapers is being Read More...

EVs greatly outsold gas-powere

EVs greatly outsold gas-powered cars in Norway last year

Only when people start purchasing more electric vehicles than gas-powered ones can we truly say that the EV revolution is underway. Although the US still has a long way to go until that point is reached, there is one country where more than half of all cars sold are electric: Norway. According to Read More...

“If you are not sure where y

“If you are not sure where you are going, it is possible you are on the right road”

James Geary | October 2008 issue   Roads are our oldest artifacts. We create them instinctively, inadvertently, simply by going to and fro upon the Earth and walking up and down on it. With every step, wherever we turn, we either find a road or make one. Roads don’t go anywhere, though. Once Read More...