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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024

Natural remedies to soothe a p

Natural remedies to soothe a poison ivy rash

So, you went on a hike and now you have an itchy, painful rash on your legs. If you live in the midwest or northeast, it could be poison ivy. Poison ivy can be contracted from direct contact with the plant, or by contact with clothing, pets, or people who have contracted it. Fortunately, the rash Read More...

New reusable material makes sa

New reusable material makes saltwater drinkable in just 30 minutes

Access to clean, freshwater is a growing challenge for many communities. Finding scalable desalination technologies to turn our world’s abundant saltwater into a drinkable resource would eliminate water shortages in many areas of the globe, but turning seawater into freshwater is no easy Read More...

Novel desalination devices use

Novel desalination devices use sunlight to provide fresh drinking water

It’s one of life’s most frustrating ironies that Earth’s surface is over 70 percent water, but most of that is undrinkable. Desalination is an important technology that may help unlock more drinking water, and now two independent teams have developed new types of solar-powered desalination Read More...