Today’s Solutions: June 15, 2024

Marine scientists discover cor

Marine scientists discover coral reef taller than the Empire State Building

The charted world of the undersea has just gotten a bit richer in color, thanks to marine scientists in Australia who have recently discovered a detached coral reef more than 500 meters high at the Great Barrier Reef. The “blade-like” vertical reef, which is taller than the Empire State Read More...

Great Barrier Reef seafloor ma

Great Barrier Reef seafloor mapping reveals new species and rare samples

The Schmidt Ocean Institute's research vessel Falkor embarked on its fourth expedition this year to explore the deepest regions of the Great Barrier Reef. At 1,820 meters deep, the researchers discovered five new species of corals and sponges and took the first sample of the 40 and 50 million year Read More...

The deepest waters south of Au

The deepest waters south of Australia have finally been explored

Australia’s most famous coral resides on its Pacific coast. The Great Barrier Reef is amazing, to be sure, and a bellwether of how climate change is impacting reefs around the world. But there’s a reef hidden in the depths of the Southern Ocean off Australia’s south coast that could unlock Read More...