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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

Young woman works on her computer

3 Strategies to dodge remote work burnout

The pandemic has forced many of us to adjust to working remotely, which has its benefits, but also comes with its unique obstacles. One of the most obvious is the lack of physical delineation between personal and professional life, which hinders workers from effectively separating themselves Read More...

Study sheds new light on the e

Study sheds new light on the effect of screens on kids’ health and wellbeing

These days it can feel like everything we do involves screens. Work, school, and even booking a doctor’s appointment is done online, but many of us, especially those with young children, worry about the effects of extensive screen time on developing brains. A new study from the University of Read More...

Smart devices don’t make sma

Smart devices don’t make smart kids. PLUS: 4 ways around this digital dilemma

The proliferation of smart devices, like phones and tablets, have made it easier for children to log-on. Last month Fisher-Price got an earful from consumer advocacy groups over their Apptivity Seat, essentially a baby seat with an iPad holder that dangles the device in front of a newborn’s eyes. Read More...