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two astronauts embrace in space

Sex in space? The push to find out if we can reproduce in outer space

Although human settlement on other planets was once just a pipe dream, rapid technological advancements are making it seem like a truly viable possibility for the future of humanity. However, before any human colony can settle in space, scientists need to figure out if and how people can reproduce Read More...

two pairs of feet in bed under covers

This online sex shop serves people living with and beyond cancer

Being diagnosed with, receiving treatment for, and surviving cancer are all incredibly impactful experiences that affect all areas of a person’s life—including sex. Many people aren’t comfortable bringing up these two sensitive subjects in casual conversation, much less at the same time, but Read More...

colorful condoms against pink backdrop

8 Innovations that can revolutionize sexual health

The way humans are approaching sexual health is constantly evolving and advancing. Here are eight designs focused on contraception and sexual equity that are challenging how we see and experience sexual health. Grass fiber condoms by the University of Queensland If you are an individual with a Read More...

Why great sex should be part o

Why great sex should be part of your skincare routine

Dermatologist and psychiatrist Amy Wechsler, M.D. says that her patients who are looking to improve their skin’s appearance are often surprised when she asks them about their sex lives during a consultation. However, it turns out that you should consider sex as part of your skincare routine. And Read More...

UK: New HIV diagnoses in gay a

UK: New HIV diagnoses in gay and bisexual men hits 20-year-low

A new report from Public Health England (PHE) revealed that new diagnoses of HIV amongst gay and bisexual men (GBM) have dropped to its lowest point in 20 years within the UK. The report shows that there were 1,700 new HIV diagnoses in GBM back in the year 2000. In 2019, the number of new HIV Read More...

Dutch officials advise single

Dutch officials advise single people to find a sex buddy for lockdown

Social distancing is already hard enough, but if you’re not in a relationship, the lack of physical contact can be extremely frustrating. In the Netherlands, many singletons have been voicing their frustration at the social distancing rules for single people. One writer, Linda Duits, a Read More...

Dare to love

Dare to love

From an evolutionary perspective sex is a relatively new phenomenon, which may be why we haven't quite yet mastered it. But the so loudly applauded advent of free sex appears to be undermining Western society. It is possible to bring together spirituality and love. Ode went in search of the love Read More...