Today’s Solutions: November 29, 2022


listening is worship

Gordon Hempton is fighting to save the sounds of silence in Washington state’s Olympic ­National Park — one square inch at a time. Diane Daniel | July 2008 issue Hearing the chirp of a bird in the distance, I expect our unofficial park guide to identify another animal resident … [Read more...] about listening is worship

The sound of a Sitka spruce

Audio ecologist Gordon Hempton says Rialto Beach in Washington state is the world’s most musical beach. So Diane Daniel, who writes about his life’s work preserving “One Square Inch of Silence” tried to cipher the symphony by poking her head into the hollowed-out driftwood logs … [Read more...] about The sound of a Sitka spruce

Soft machines

New technologies can help lessen the sonic impact of generating and consuming energy. Marc van Dinther | July 2008 issue Just name the noise, and chances are someone somewhere has launched a campaign to tone it down. Don't like the sound of lawn mowers? Call in the California … [Read more...] about Soft machines

less than zero

What does silence really sound like? Step inside an anechoic chamber to find out. Marisa Taylor | July 2008 issue The sky is bright and cloudless: another perfect day in the San Francisco Bay Area. But I’m about to spend part of it inside a windowless, soundless room called an … [Read more...] about less than zero

Because God whispers

Being silent means more than just holding your tongue. It means listening for the softest, most subtle sound of all - the sound of the soul. Tijn Touber | July 2008 issue I’m not listening. “Hurry up, sir. You have just half an hour to reach the hotel. After that the whole … [Read more...] about Because God whispers