Today’s Solutions: July 24, 2024
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Spider weaving it's web made from silk in front of blue clear sky.

This is how spiders use electricity to fly

Spiders surprise us, they creep us out, and yet some of them might hold secrets to our technological future. While they may infiltrate our homes, we could learn a thing or two from these eight-legged animals. We’ve previously reported on the versatility of spider silk and the potential of Read More...

A silkworm-based coating could

A silkworm-based coating could soon replace the toxic chemicals in our clothes

More than 150 chemicals are now regularly used to enhance the characteristics of the clothes we wear each day. Some of these chemicals are demonstrated carcinogens, or capable of reproduction, nervous, and endocrine system dysregulation. Others are allergenic or irritating. And even when we wash Read More...

How lab-grown spider silk coul

How lab-grown spider silk could replace everyday materials like polyester

Spider silk is one of nature’s most amazing materials. It’s stronger than steel and more elastic than a rubber band and has dozens of potential applications from construction to medicine. For years, scientists have been trying to tap into the power of spider silk, but have struggled to produce Read More...