Today’s Solutions: February 23, 2024

Social Change

Prelude to courage

How anger can improve health, enhance intimacy, spur creativity and even inspire social change. Diana Rico | June 2011 issue It’s the 1980s, and I am sitting in the Beverly Hills living room of a major 1950s television star, alongside my romantic and sometimes writing partner. I … [Read more...] about Prelude to courage

The goodness of crowds

When large numbers of people give a little, they accomplish a lot. Charles Best | Sept/Oct 2009 issue The global economic recession is an opportunity to fuel social change. While financial instinct says philanthropy will suffer in times of economic distress, there's evidence … [Read more...] about The goodness of crowds

We can save the world!

Humanity faces a choice between collapsing into chaos and evolving into a sustainable, ethical global community. There's never been a more powerful moment in all history to make a difference in the world. Ervin Laszlo | September 2006 issue A Chinese proverb warns, “If we do not … [Read more...] about We can save the world!