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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

part of Earth seen from space with lens flare sun and space

UN report shows ozone layer may be fully restored within four decades

A United Nations assessment indicates that the ozone layer may recover within a few decades with the help of human intervention. According to the BBC, the analysis reveals that the 1987 multinational agreement to prohibit the use of dangerous chemicals that deplete the ozone layer was a Read More...

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is welcomed by European Council President Donald Tusk

22 reasons for optimism in 2022 (part I)

Here are eleven good things that happened in 2022 that gave us cause to hope and celebrate. Ukraine still stands Russian President Vladimir Putin and most others expected Ukraine to succumb to Russian control within days of his late February invasion. Few foresaw the force of the Ukrainian Read More...

OPTIMIST VIEW: Creating A Visi

OPTIMIST VIEW: Creating A Vision for The Life You Want

by Summers McKay In January of 2013, I sat on my living room floor amidst an egregiously large pile of magazines collected over the years, old bridal magazines, fitness, wellness, and Oprah mags, aging New Yorkers, dozens of unread Entrepreneur magazines and university alumni magazines. In Read More...