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Happy group of young adult men and women cooking together at home in small kitchen or culinary classroom.

5 Ways to bring people together with food

In almost every corner of the world, coming together and sharing a meal is one of the most communal and binding traditions. As we have already reported, food is a wonderful way to bring people together; to forge friendships, exercise your creativity, and even save money while having an enjoyable Read More...

woman's hands around hot bowl of soup

7 storage strategies for your leftover soup

When the winter cold is chilling you to the bone, there’s nothing more comforting than a tasty and nourishing soup. Yes, it’s soup season, and fortunately, most soup recipes yield quite large serving sizes, which means that you can have your soup now and store it away for an easy snack that Read More...

7 Foods to eat when you have a

7 Foods to eat when you have a sore throat

As the weather begins to cool down, you’ll probably find yourself catching at least one winter cold. A sore throat can be an uncomfortable and irritating side effect of a winter bug, but what you eat can actually really impact how your sore throat feels throughout the day. With that said, here's Read More...

A cure for salad allergy

A cure for salad allergy

The pleasures of gazpacho, Spain’s powerhouse summer soup. Carolyn Steel | June/July 2009 issue Lots of people have a nearly pathological aversion to raw vegetables, which is understandable given that most of us associate raw veggies with "healthy." And if your mother said something was healthy, Read More...