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Almond, poppy seed and hemp seed milk, top view.

Here are 10 non-dairy foods that are rich with calcium

Calcium is well known for its ability to build and maintain your bones, but that’s not the only thing it does. It’s also important for muscle contraction, blood pressure regulation, nerve transmission, and blood clotting. Most people get their calcium from dairy products such as milk and Read More...

Suffering from hot flashes? An

Suffering from hot flashes? Another reason to go vegan

If you or if someone you know is going through menopause, then you likely are probably familiar with the inconvenient and uncomfortable issue of hot flashes, also known as vasomotor symptoms. Vasomotor symptoms include night sweats, hot flashes, and flushes, and an estimated 80 percent of Read More...

Why more farms should feed mag

Why more farms should feed maggots to chickens rather than soy

Watching chickens peck around for insects should be an utterly normal experience, but in this day and age, most hens are kept indoors where they are forced to eat a grain and soy-rich diet. These chickens might never see an insect in their life. The reason farmers opt for soy is rather simple: Read More...

New study finds fava beans are

New study finds fava beans are a greener substitute for soy

Many vegans and vegetarians swear by soy as a meat-free protein source, but concerns have been raised over the environmental sustainability of soybean farming. With that in mind, new research now suggests that specially-prepared fava beans may be a better alternative. Although some varieties are Read More...

ADM to fight deforestation in

ADM to fight deforestation in South America through its suppliers

After a marked deforestation slowdown over the past decade or so, tropical forests are under threat again, with the Amazon a primary target. In this context, agribusiness giant Archer Daniels Midland is emerging as a powerful force to counter the trend throughout the whole South American continent. Read More...

To soy or not to soy

To soy or not to soy

What should you think about the new research linking soy products to cancer and other health risks? Tijn Touber | March 2006 Read More...