Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024

This reusable and biodegradabl

This reusable and biodegradable sponge can help clean up oil spills

Most of the materials designed for removing oil spills from water are single-use, meaning that they’re bound to eventually end up in landfills. We've written about the potential to use shed dog fur for oil spill cleanups, and now, scientists have developed an oil-absorbing sponge that can be used Read More...

Tiny sponge converts dirty coo

Tiny sponge converts dirty cooking oil into biodiesel

Scientists in Australia have developed an incredible sponge-like material that can convert discarded cooking oil and other waste materials into biodiesel. The sponge, which is being described as the first of its kind, is micron-sized and highly porous. When molecules are fed into the sponge, they Read More...

Oil-soaking sponge cleans cont

Oil-soaking sponge cleans contaminated wastewater from offshore drilling

Drilling and fracking for oil under the seabed produces 100 billion barrels of oil-contaminated wastewater every year by releasing tiny oil droplets into the surrounding water. While most efforts are concentrated on cleaning up large oil spills, researchers are looking for ways to eliminate the Read More...