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Close up photograph of an oval-squid in front of a blue background.

For the first time, scientists have recorded squids' camouflage abilities

Octopus and cuttlefish are known for their impressive ability to camouflage into their surroundings, changing the color of their skin to escape their predators and catch unsuspecting prey. Squids are cephalopods like octopus and cuttlefish, so one could assume they can camouflage too. However, Read More...

Squids could become man’s ne

Squids could become man’s next friend as study finds similar brain complexity to dogs

If you’re on the lookout for a new animal companion, perhaps you should consider a squid. Before you balk at the notion of a pet squid by your side, check out the results of the first MRI-based mapping of the squid brain and its neural connections in 50 years. While squids have generally been Read More...