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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024


Researchers identify three factors to help prevent mosquito-spread disease

With the variabled future of weather in an ever-changing climate, the prevalence of mosquitoes is expected to increase or at least become more unpredictable. This is expected to exacerbate the spread of certain diseases, like malaria and dengue fever. In places like Sri Lanka, this represents a top Read More...

Volunteers rescue at least 120

Volunteers rescue at least 120 beached whales in Sri Lanka

A disaster was in the making on Monday when at least 120 short-finned pilot whales came ashore in Sri Lanka and wound up being stranded. It was the biggest mass stranding in the country’s history, but fortunately, Sri Lanka’s navy and local volunteers were able to save all but four of the pilot Read More...

Sri Lanka becomes measles-free

Sri Lanka becomes measles-free after successful immunization scheme

The comeback of measles in recent years has become a significant threat to global health. The highly contagious viral disease has made its way across the globe fueled in part by a lack of access to vaccines, and complacency. In a landmark achievement, Sri Lanka defied the world trend in the Read More...

Brothers in arms

Brothers in arms

How the Amalean family made MAS Holdings Sri Lanka's biggest garment manufacturer - and one of the industry's best corporate citizens. Janet Paskin | March 2008 issue The plant was hot. Crowded. Poorly lit. Under the three previous owners, more than 400 garment workers, mostly women in their late Read More...