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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

Carbon Crusher vehicle that crushes old roads for recycling

This startup uses a plant-derived material to make roads carbon negative

Similar to building new roads, repairing existing ones is not an environmentally friendly endeavor. One of the main problems is bitumen, a fossil fuel-derived binder that holds asphalt together. A startup in Norway is recycling old roads using a plant-based binder instead, a process that could Read More...

Raw beef filet mignon arranged neatly on a wooden cutting board next to red peppers and salt

The best steak now has a tasty plant-based alternative

In recent years, an increasing number of startups have started working on accelerating the evolution of plant-based meat alternatives into something that consumers wouldn’t be able to tell apart from the real thing. Few, however, have ventured to find a substitute for more high-profile meat cuts Read More...

Satellite over Earth in space

These are the 2021 Hyperspace Challenge winners

The U.S. Space Force has chosen its winners of this year's Hyperspace Challenge. The idea of the competition, which started in 2018, is to develop technology that can be applied to or solve problems in the space domain. The start-ups and universities who come up with the best ideas receive prize Read More...

This startup turns captured ca

This startup turns captured carbon into stone

Addressing climate change means finding new strategies for carbon capture. Many of these, like kelp farming, focus on absorbing carbon back into our natural environment. Icelandic startup Carbfix is taking on this same challenge, but rather than use plants, it's putting carbon back into the ground Read More...

This fashion brand wants you t

This fashion brand wants you to send your old undies back for recycling

As circularity is slowly but steadily making its way into the fashion industry, a handful of companies, such as Levi’s and Patagonia, are nudging consumers to return their old products so they can be refurbished and resold. The thing is, the secondhand market isn’t an option for certain pieces Read More...

This startup produces rocket f

This startup produces rocket fuel using captured carbon

The fuel needed to launch a rocket into space creates a whole lot of emissions. In fact, each SpaceX launch is estimated to emit 715 tons of CO2, which is roughly as much as 10 cross-country flights on a 747. As spaceflights become more common, there is a need for a more sustainable source of fuel. Read More...