Today’s Solutions: June 15, 2024

Rail to Refuge provides free t

Rail to Refuge provides free travel for those fleeing abusive homes

After viewing a Dispatches documentary that followed the stories of women who were fleeing violent partners, Darren O’Brien, a station manager for Southeaster, was inspired to help. He decided to propose the idea of free train travel for people fleeing abusive situations at work, and within a Read More...

Dr. Denis Mukwege provides hop

Dr. Denis Mukwege provides hope to women in Congo

Playwright and female activist Eve Ensler nominates Dr. Denis Mukwege for his compassion and courage to protect and heal women in his native home in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Eve Ensler | Jan/Feb 2010 issue   Compassionate. Tender. Humble. Graceful. Dr. Denis Mukwege is a brave Read More...