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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Adventure awaits! Blimps may b

Adventure awaits! Blimps may be the future of green air travel

The restrictions on travel this past year have all of us waiting in anticipation for our next vacation. However, all this pent-up excitement is building up alongside growing concerns for the massive carbon footprint of air travel. How can we address both at once? We have written before about how Read More...

New French policy mandates mor

New French policy mandates more sustainable travel

French travel is about to get a green upgrade as the country’s parliament has voted to ban any domestic flights in which the same destination can be reached by train in less than two and a half hours.  After a heated debate in the Assemblée Nationale, the new policy means that greener train Read More...

Canada will invest $2.75 bn to

Canada will invest $2.75 bn to boost its fleet of zero-emission vehicles

Last week we shared a story about the UK’s plan to increase the number of zero-emission buses on its streets. Now Canada is following suit by unveiling a $2.75 billion investment to electrify its transit system over the next five years — with the aim to pave the way for a net-zero emissions Read More...

Finnish city launches world’

Finnish city launches world’s first urban ski-sharing program

We’ve all heard of bike-sharing programs, but have you ever heard of a public ski-sharing program. In the Finnish city of Lahti, a first-of-its-kind program is being rolled out that allows residents to borrow some skis for a quick cross-country ski trip to the store when snow hits the city. Read More...

Goodyear unveils smart tire co

Goodyear unveils smart tire concept that never goes flat

The thunk-whumma-whumpa-whuppa sound of a tire puncturing and losing pressure at freeway speeds is unmistakable. However, if Goodyear has its way humanity might not have to endure the filthy, sweaty, swear-inducing process of swapping rubber on the shoulder of American roads ever again. This Read More...