Today’s Solutions: May 30, 2024

Orange an yellow sports jackets for skiing and hiking. This new ventilation system could be key in their design and function in the future.

This textile vent regulates your body temperature by sensing sweat

An innovative new invention has recently come out of Duke University. A team of material scientists recruited physics rather than electronics, to create a ventilation system that can help regulate body temperature. The lightweight material catches thermal energy when dry to power the opening of the Read More...

4 Methods to keep cool without

4 Methods to keep cool without air conditioning on hot summer days

For some parts of the country, summer is already here bringing with it sweltering hot days, heavy humidity, and dry spells. Though the invention of air conditioning has given us a way to deal with stretches of extreme heat, there are also natural methods we can use to keep our cool that don't Read More...

Cooking terms can be confusing

Cooking terms can be confusing. Here are some helpful definitions

If you’re one of the many people who has taken on more ambitious culinary endeavors during the pandemic, you are probably familiar with the feeling of panic when you read a recipe and don’t recognize a term or ingredient. These recipes, often created by chefs, are not always written in terms Read More...