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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024
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Thailand’s idle taxis find a

Thailand’s idle taxis find an unusual new purpose during the pandemic

We’ve written a lot about the power of rooftop gardens to boost access to fresh produce in urban areas. Today we’re sharing a story about rooftop gardens, but not the type you might expect. Taxi fleets in Thailand have repurposed the tops of vehicles idled by the pandemic into mini urban garden Read More...

Forget taxis! Riding a bike wi

Forget taxis! Riding a bike will save you time, money, and emissions in New York

If the lack of emissions or bonus exercise isn’t reason enough to ride a bike instead of a car to work in New York City, here’s another perk. According to this year’s Mobility Report, released by the city’s Department of Transportation, riding a bicycle may get you to your destination a Read More...