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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Recycle clothes concept. Young woman with recycling box full clothes.

Could this invisible label revolutionize textile recycling?

It's no secret that garments are thrown out at an alarming rate due to fast fashion and the rapid-fire cycling of trends. Furthermore, we are doing a poor job of recycling textile waste. In the United States, less than 15 percent of the 92 million tons of clothes and other textiles are recycled Read More...

Orange an yellow sports jackets for skiing and hiking. This new ventilation system could be key in their design and function in the future.

This textile vent regulates your body temperature by sensing sweat

An innovative new invention has recently come out of Duke University. A team of material scientists recruited physics rather than electronics, to create a ventilation system that can help regulate body temperature. The lightweight material catches thermal energy when dry to power the opening of the Read More...

How the apparel industry has b

How the apparel industry has been making progress cleaning up textiles

Fashion has traditionally been one of the dirtiest industries around, riddled with toxic processes throughout its supply chain ­– from textile production to garment manufacturing. The good news is that initiatives to reduce environmental pollution have been sprouting, transforming practices and Read More...

Stringent sustainability stand

Stringent sustainability standard for textile industry launched in Virginia

The textile and clothing industry is riddled with unsustainable practices, including exploitation of human labor and severe environmental degradation. MetaWear, a T-shirt manufacturer in Fairfax, Virginia, has decided to lead by example, launching the first American-based Global Organic Textile Read More...

China going green one textile

China going green one textile mill at the time

Almost a third of China’s rivers are classified as too polluted for any direct human contact. That is the terrible price paid for having become the manufacturing center of the world with no appropriate environmental regulations. China alone is responsible for 50% of the global production of Read More...