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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024
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Child cleaning up the toy box at home full of multicoloured lego bricks.

Make your house guest-ready in under 30 minutes

We’ve all been there before: your friend or family member calls last minute to drop by and your house is cluttered from head-to-toe. You find yourself scrambling to vacuum the floor or declutter the living room, and you feel an ensuing bout of anxiety instead of excitement for the surprise of a Read More...

California becomes first US st

California becomes first US state to enforce gender-neutral toy aisles

We recently wrote about how major toy manufacturer Lego has decided to remove gender biases from its toy lines after realizing that gender stereotypes in toy-making are still contributing to the damaging and asymmetrical training opportunities that children get while they play. Now, California Read More...

These racially inclusive build

These racially inclusive building blocks teach kids to celebrate diversity

Teaching kids about the value of human diversity is key to instilling a sense of acceptance and tolerance within future generations. That's the line of thinking behind the design of a new set of building blocks that are shaped like abstract people and painted with a diverse range of skin tone Read More...

LEGO unveils its first LGBTQ+

LEGO unveils its first LGBTQ+ toy set titled ‘Everyone Is Awesome’

Among other things, toy-maker LEGO stands out as a role-model company when it comes to inclusivity and environmental action. Now, the company decided to also celebrate diversity — and inspire others to do so — by unveiling its inaugural LGBTQ+ set, titled 'Everyone Is Awesome.' The 346-piece Read More...

LEGO launches Botanical Collec

LEGO launches Botanical Collection complete with plant-based building blocks

Many people have fond memories of playing with building blocks as children, but now that most people are confined to their houses, games, and toys like LEGO and coloring books are making a comeback. LEGO presents kids and adults alike with an opportunity to turn to their imagination and creative Read More...

Burger King UK will scrap plas

Burger King UK will scrap plastic toys from its kids’ meals

With plastic pollution becoming one of the most pressing environmental issues of the modern age, lately, there has been increasing consumer pressure on fast-food chains to stop handing out plastic toys that come together with children’s meals. The latest fast-food restaurant to come to its Read More...

Sustainability toy: Lego is re

Sustainability toy: Lego is re-releasing one of its most rare and beloved designs

Lego created this toy windmill for fellow Danish corporation, Vestas, in a limited edition. It became very popular and people now pay unto $1,000 for the windmill in online auctions. The popularity of the sustainability toy has made Lego decide to relaunch the windmill. From Black Friday onwards it Read More...