Today’s Solutions: June 12, 2024
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Cotton bags and glass gar for free plastic shopping, low-waste concept.

How to make your home a low-waste place

The average American consumer produces just under five pounds of trash each day, adding up to around 1,642 pounds per person annually. That’s a whole lot of rubbish! So what can we do about it? You may have heard of the phrase “zero-waste,” where the idea is to let nothing you use go to a Read More...

Woman hand holdging box garbage for recycle.

5 rules that will make you a better recycler

According to a 2019 Covanta survey, a staggering 62 percent of Americans worry that they are recycling incorrectly. To make recycling easier and more effective, governments and companies will have to work together to reduce the amount of trash we produce while devising more responsible ways to Read More...

Child cleaning up the toy box at home full of multicoloured lego bricks.

Make your house guest-ready in under 30 minutes

We’ve all been there before: your friend or family member calls last minute to drop by and your house is cluttered from head-to-toe. You find yourself scrambling to vacuum the floor or declutter the living room, and you feel an ensuing bout of anxiety instead of excitement for the surprise of a Read More...

This startup vaporizes trash a

This startup vaporizes trash and turns it into new products—without emissions

In recent weeks we have talked about waste-to-energy plants that burn waste and use the resulting heat to produce electricity. The problem, however, is that this process also produces toxic emissions. One Bill Gates-backed startup by the name of Sierra Energy has a better solution: rather than Read More...

Nepalese army collects two ton

Nepalese army collects two tons of trash from Mt Everest in less than a week

Decades of commercial mountaineering have turned Mount Everest into the world's highest rubbish dump as an increasing number of big-spending climbers have paid little attention to the ugly footprint they leave behind. Fortunately, collective action once again proved its value. In a coordinated Read More...

More measures taken by regiona

More measures taken by regional authorities to keep Mount Everest clean

Every year, thousands of tourists climb Mount Everest and abandon tents, leftover camping meals, fuel cans, and even human waste, turning the world’s once pristine peak into the world’s highest rubbish dump. In an effort to combat the littering issue, both Nepalese and Chinese authorities have Read More...