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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024

Berlin university canteens exp

Berlin university canteens expand plant-based options

Adopting a more plant-based diet is one of the ways we help tackle climate change on an individual level. Universities in Berlin are well aware of that, which is why four of the city's biggest institutions have recently decided to transition their canteens’ meals towards more climate-friendly Read More...

Nonprofit raises $8m to pay of

Nonprofit raises $8m to pay off debt for grads with low-income backgrounds

It goes without saying, getting a college degree in the US is a costly pursuit, and for youth from low-income families the prospect of student debt after graduation is incredibly disconcerting. Thankfully, a nonprofit has made it its mission to ease the financial burden of debt for students and Read More...

Meet the new boss

Meet the new boss

How green MBA programs produce graduates skilled in social and environmental stewardship. Andrew Tolve | November 2009 issue Every month, business students all over North America retreat to a campus on Bainbridge Island, 255 acres (90 hectares) of pristine land a short ferry ride from Seattle, Read More...