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Today’s Solutions: July 17, 2024

Plastic Recycling

Fast-acting enzyme breaks down plastics and changes recycling game

We’ve all wondered when we take out the recycling just how much of it will be recycled, remade, and repurposed into a new product as we hope. Sadly, only 10 percent of plastics globally are successfully recycled, and there’s a lot of work to do to ensure everything we put in the recycling bin Read More...

This long-lost river could pro

This long-lost river could provide modern day climate solutions

Today, the area of the Gulf of Mexico known as the Trinity River Paleovalley is submerged underwater, but 20,000 years ago, when ice covered immense areas of the planet, sea levels were significantly lower, meaning the valley was not underwater, but rather a lively coastline through which the Read More...

Cultivating school gardens enc

Cultivating school gardens encourages children to eat more vegetables

Many of our eating habits are formed as young children and these become increasingly more difficult to change as we get older. It turns out that cultivating school gardens can increase the daily vegetable intake of elementary school children by offering an opportunity to educate them about Read More...

Researchers solve key desalina

Researchers solve key desalination efficiency mystery

Desalination is the process of removing salt and other chemicals from water to make it potable. It holds immense promise for providing clean water in the future as we face dwindling fresh water supplies for a growing population.  For years, inconsistent efficiency in desalination baffled Read More...