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Utah activist lets people with

Utah activist lets people without a home set camp in his front yard

In one of the small yards adjoining the homes of the quiet Fairpark neighborhood in Salt Lake City sits an encampment made up of people experiencing homelessness. They are there at the invitation of homeowner Darin Mann. He has welcomed them to set up tents in his front yard and lets them use his Read More...

Animals in Utah find safe pass

Animals in Utah find safe passage on wildlife overpass

Last month, we wrote about an animal crossing bridge in Los Angeles that will soon be built to help wildlife such as mountain lions safely cross over the US 101 freeway, which cuts through their habitat. Although we won't get to see the finished product until 2021, we can get a sense of how it will Read More...

Why scientists and the Forest

Why scientists and the Forest Service are setting a huge wildfire in Utah

A few weeks ago we published an article about how we can learn from natural wildfire cycles. Now, the U.S. Forest Service in Utah is attempting to do just that with an enormous prescribed burn on a mountain in Fishlake National Forest’s Monroe Mountain.  As firefighters and manned helicopters Read More...

Meet the majestic “General S

Meet the majestic “General Sherman,” resident of Sequoia National Park

General Sherman, a 2000-year-old giant sequoia, is not the largest tree in terms of height, but it does take the cake in total wood volume at an astonishing 52,500 cubic feet. The tree resides within the boundaries of Sequoia National Park and is a popular tourist destination for those who wish to Read More...

To get adults to care about th

To get adults to care about the climate, motivate kids to talk to them about it

While many adults may not care about the environment, they do care about their children. And since younger people these days tend to be more concerned with climate change than older generations, getting adults to care, let alone acknowledge climate change as a problem may be as simple as getting Read More...