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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Illusrtation of graphene molecules.

3D graphene hugely increases hydrogen storage capabilities

Graphene is a material that many of us come across in our day to day lives. From water filtration systems to mobile touch screens, clever material has revolutionized many aspects of the modern world. It is made up of a single layer of carbon atoms, therefore it is referred to it as a Read More...

How Vienna is using culture to

How Vienna is using culture to go car-free

Last year, we wrote about a new transit app being used in Miami called Velocia, which rewards commuters for ditching the car in favor of taking public transit, biking, or simply walking. It was an exciting piece for us to share with you because it represented a novel approach to motivating people Read More...

Ikea’s new Vienna location f

Ikea’s new Vienna location features vertical forests and public transportation access

Last week we shared a story about how Ikea is moving towards becoming climate positive by 2030. This week we feature the plans for their new Vienna store, which will look a lot different than any Ikea before. In fact, the new urban shopping destination will feature vertical forests and no parking Read More...

This is why Vienna is consiste

This is why Vienna is consistently ranked the “Most Livable City”

Look at any ranking for “Most Livable City”, and you’ll notice Vienna is almost always at the top every year. It’s a particularly special accomplishment considering Vienna, a city of about 2 million, is adding about 25,000 new residents annually without making the city more expensive. So, Read More...