Today’s Solutions: June 15, 2024

Image of M.xanthus swarms at 10 times magnification.

This bacteria looks just like Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'

Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh is known as one of the greatest post-impressionists to ever live; most famous for his ingenious use of complementary colors to create the eye catching and emotional masterpieces loved globally. Researchers were recently reminded of his legacy by a type of bacteria Read More...

Toronto museum will offer a dr

Toronto museum will offer a drive-in Van Gogh exhibit

When a Toronto museum’s Vincent van Gogh exhibit was interrupted due to COVID-19, the museum staff had to pivot and came up with an ingenious new way for people to visit the famous art: a drive-in exhibit.  Art lovers will be able to drive into a 4,000 square foot downtown industrial space Read More...