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White colored albino wallaby sitting in the grass in a zoological park.

Rare white wallabies get their color from viral DNA

Wallabies are adorable marsupials with an appetite for greens and veggies. The majority of these animals can be found hopping around Papua New Guinea or Australia and naturally have a brown or gray coat, enabling them to blend in with their surroundings and avoid predators. While brown Read More...

Image of fetus in mothers womb.

Study: Covid-19 does not impact fetus brain development

A big source of anxiety during the pandemic came from the unknown impact of COVID-19 on pregnant people and their soon-to-be-born children. It has been observed that other viruses, such as HIV and rubella, can pass from mother to fetus through a process called vertical transmission. A research Read More...

Virus or bacteria? This test a

Virus or bacteria? This test aims to tell in minutes

When you go to the doctor with a sickness you can’t seem to shake, the first thing they will usually try to figure out is if they’re dealing with a bacterial or viral infection. Bacterial infections usually require treatment with antibiotics, but prescribing them unnecessarily can contribute to Read More...

India is polio-free

India is polio-free

It has been three years since a case of polio was reported in India. That's the period of time the World Health Organization requires a country to go without anyone catching polio before declaring itself polio-free. It's a come-from-behind victory for the country, which was considered an Read More...