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Today’s Solutions: July 14, 2024

Volcanic Eruption

New Zealand system helps to predict volcanic eruptions

When it comes to science and dealing with disasters, sometimes it’s not about preventing the disaster but making sure that everyone is safe after. We don’t even need to make predictions about natural disasters with 100 percent certainty. Sometimes all you need is a little warning that something Read More...


Turns out there are ice volcanoes on Pluto. Here's how they work

We learn more fascinating and otherworldly things about our universe the farther out into space we explore. Some of our discoveries bend our understanding of science, and some completely baffle us. This is the case now that scientists have confirmed that there are, in fact, ice volcanoes on Read More...

Volcanoes could become green s

Volcanoes could become green sources of valuable tech metals

While it’s crucial that we transition to renewable energy to reverse climate change, many of these technologies require rare metals, the mining of which has worrisome environmental impacts. That, however, could soon become a problem of the past, thanks to new Oxford research which investigates a Read More...

Photo gallery: Europe’s most

Photo gallery: Europe’s most active volcano is in spectacular form

While fireworks may look nice, they don’t even compare to the natural extravagance of a volcanic eruption. Recently, the people of Sicily have been treated to an incredible show from Europe’s most active volcano: Mount Etna. The volcano has been spewing massive lava fountains and oozing Read More...

Why scientists are sending dro

Why scientists are sending drones into the plumes of active volcanoes

Monitoring active volcanoes across the world to send out early warnings before they erupt is a challenging undertaking. But scientists are now tapping into drone technology to help them predict eruptions more easily. Researchers from University College London and the University of Mexico have Read More...