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Today’s Solutions: July 12, 2024

Moo! Find relaxation in the ru

Moo! Find relaxation in the rural Dutch wellness trend of cow hugging

Yoga, journaling, and mindfulness may be great options for boosting your mental health, but if you’re looking for something that is, well, different, consider a rural wellness trend out of the Netherlands: Koe knuffelen, which translates to cow hugging in Dutch. The practice revolves around the Read More...

Having an optimistic partner c

Having an optimistic partner could help prevent dementia

While being optimistic can benefit your own well-being in a great number of ways, a new study shows that having a positive state of mind may contribute to the health of our partner too. The results of the new research, which looked at 4,500 heterosexual couples over the age of 50, indicate that Read More...

How new treatments for PTSD us

How new treatments for PTSD using float therapies is helping veterans

In float therapy, you lay on water, filled with Epsom salts, in a bath free of stimulation from light, noise, touch, smell, or taste. Float therapy has become popular for PTSD treatment, and True REST Float Spa has given away 3,000 free sessions to military members and veterans since 2015. On every Read More...

Dare to care

Dare to care

Good Samaritans on a crowded subway train discover the gift of service David Servan-Schreiber| July/Aug 2007 issue It's Saturday night in the Paris métro. Two friends, Etienne and Sophie, are on their way to dinner. After sitting down in the crowded train, they discover the body of a homeless man Read More...