Today’s Solutions: July 23, 2024
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young man sits in chair with laptop on lap and rubs neck in pain

A massage therapist's advice on WFH without hurting your back

When more people started working remotely, licensed massage therapist and treatment trainer Polly Brasch reported seeing “more postural problems among [her] clients.” She “noticed a big swing in clients having pain in their middle and upper backs,” which is certainly an outcome of the Read More...

three tired young professionals in the office

Why we should bring nap-time back with us to the workplace

While many of us are excited to break free from the confines of pandemic restrictions, head back to the office, and finally switch our sweatpants out for a pair of trousers we actually want to be seen in, we have to acknowledge that there are certainly some perks to working from home—namely, Read More...

Three strategies to work from

Three strategies to work from home without burning out

This year, for obvious reasons, we have seen a significant shift from working in the office to working from home. For many of us fortunate enough to have maintained employment throughout the pandemic, this means that the lines that separate work from leisure time have become increasingly Read More...

3 Ways to become more present

3 Ways to become more present in the work-from-home era

The key to productivity is staying focused on the present moment and avoiding the temptation to multitask, but that’s easier said than done. If you’re working from home, you have probably noticed how seamlessly you can drift off from working on a task to suddenly scrolling through social media Read More...

Working from home: Why you sho

Working from home: Why you should add a fake commute to your day

For all the annoyances you might associate with commuting to and from work, there are some upsides to the daily commute. Not only can the commute allow for some precious alone-time, but it also provides a clear distinction between your workday and your personal time at home, contributing to a Read More...