Today’s Solutions: May 25, 2024

woman in striped shirt looks through menu at a restaurant

Restaurant messaging can help consumers choose plant-based meals

Most people will agree (regardless of their personal diets) that on the whole, the livestock and meat production industry is certainly not climate-friendly. The food industry alone accounts for more than a third of the world’s total annual planet-heating emissions, and a big chunk of that comes Read More...

Rosario, Argentina: A case stu

Rosario, Argentina: A case study in the benefits of urban farming

In an effort to address the financial collapse of 2001, the municipal government of Rosario, Argentina came up with an ingenious plan to get the city’s residents back to work. Officials partnered with 700 farming families to dedicate unused land in the city for farming. This not only created Read More...

Every $1 invested in the ocean

Every $1 invested in the ocean generates $5 of benefits for the planet

Investing money towards protecting our oceans isn’t just about saving this precious source of biodiversity. According to a new report, every $1 invested in key ocean actions can generate $5 in economic, health, and environmental benefits. The report comes from the World Resources Institute, Read More...