Today’s Solutions: May 21, 2024

SolarMente is revolutionizing

SolarMente is revolutionizing solar energy with subscription-based solutions

SolarMente, a visionary startup created by 29-year-old Wouter Draijer, is leading a renewable energy revolution on Spain's sun-drenched streets. Let's look at how SolarMente's subscription-based solar solutions are transforming the Spanish energy environment. The visionary behind SolarMente: Read More...

Skip the bureaucracy: This cha

Skip the bureaucracy: This charity gives coronavirus research grants fast

It takes a really long time to get a grant for scientific research. Official advice from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is the largest source of grants for scientific research in the US, recommends that grant planning begin nine months in advance of the deadline for the grant. Time Read More...

Startup accelerator to fund am

Startup accelerator to fund ambitious efforts to rid our atmosphere of CO2

To prevent accelerated climate change and the catastrophic consequences that are bound to follow it, new efforts must come about to capture the already existing CO2 in the atmosphere. Y Combinator, a leadership development company, wants to bring businesses into play to take much wilder approaches Read More...