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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024

New policy reduces climate mis

New policy reduces climate misinformation on popular video platform

A 2020 report by Avaaz, a US not-for-profit organization focused on issues such as climate change, blamed YouTube for “incentivizing this climate misinformation content via its monetization program.” In response, Google is finally banning ads, YouTube videos, and other content that preaches Read More...

You can now help environmental

You can now help environmental NGOs by watching calming nature videos

If you’ve turned to nature videos to relieve your pandemic anxiety, doing so now could also benefit the world’s oceans, and the environmental organizations fighting to preserve them. That is, as long as you watch those serene shots of nature through the new Preservation Play YouTube Read More...

You can help Black Lives Matte

You can help Black Lives Matter by watching these videos on YouTube

For those who want to support the ongoing movement against racial injustice but are unable to donate money, YouTubers are creating monetized videos that allow you to support Black Lives Matter just by streaming with your adblocker off. Zoe Amira, a beauty YouTuber currently with about 69,000 Read More...

YouTubers launch fundraiser to

YouTubers launch fundraiser to plant 20 million trees to fight climate change

With a combined 650 million subscribers — nearly double the population of the United States — a coalition of YouTubers wants to tackle the climate crisis by raising $20 million to plant 20 million trees. The fundraising effort is being organized by Mr. Beast, or Jimmy Donaldson, a famous Read More...

Youtube could spare the planet

Youtube could spare the planet by allowing people to stream songs without images

YouTube isn’t only for watching videos. In fact, many people use the platform to listen to music. If people who are only listening to videos don’t have images playing, companies like YouTube might make themselves more Earth-friendly, a new study finds. That’s because a lot of the Read More...

Share your favorite funny vide

Share your favorite funny videos

Ode Editors | August 2009 issue To share your favorite funny videos, join Ode’s YouTube group at Here’s a selection of footage that’s sure to raise a Read More...