Today’s Solutions: July 21, 2024

Though the water out of the tap in Sochi may be yellow at times, the powerful Olympic spirit of camaraderie still flows clearer than ever. Of course there is competition and differing attitudes, but the general support for gay rights, and the fact that it is an issue for international attention, is a good example of how fundamental rights continue to emerge around the world.
When I take this position many point out all of the atrocious anti-gay laws in Russia and elsewhere as evidence that the violation of fundamental human rights is commonplace. However, if you look at humanity as a whole, which is what happens during the Olympics, you can see that the international trend is toward the expansion of gay rights, not constraining them.
The next step is to take the Olympic spirit for action and use it as motivation to sign an agreement to live together, and allow any two people who wish to marry the opportunity to do so. You can do your part by signing the International Bill of Rights’ signature campaign. Marriage is a matter of personal choice, and as with religion, government should stay out of it.
Fundamental rights emerge spontaneously and it’s natural for couples, regardless of gender, to want to marry. But marriage rights, as is the case with racial equality, or gender equality only becomes fully realized when people take the time and initiative to join with those who would like their rights to be protected. Do your part to give equal rights to all by signing the International Bill of Rights.
Long live the Olympic spirit.
Photo: Flickr

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