How to wash your hair without hurting the environment

In the ongoing dialogue surrounding water consumption and saving water, the length of your shower, how you water your yard and even your toothbrush usage probably come up. But there is another water-thirsty activity that should be added to the discussion — hair washing. Think about it. Daily shampooing by billions of people is destined to strain resources. So taking a moment to consider the ways you can cut back on the suds, the water and the money going down the drain can be the best way to help the environment. The first thing you should consider is the frequency with which you shower. Your hairdresser may recommend one or two washes a day, but not only is that bad for your hair, it also requires a lot of energy and water. Consider limiting the frequency of your hair washing to every other day or even a few times a week—or try dry shampoo that can provide the same look. Another way to spare the environment is washing your hair with cold water instead of hot water, which requires far less energy. The third thing you should consider is the amount of hair product you use. Most people use more than they need, so try to minimize the shampoo that heads down the drain. For more tips on how to keep your hair clean while sparing the environment, have a gander here.

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