Today’s Solutions: May 19, 2024

Poor carbohydrates. Despite having plenty of well-documented benefits, carbs are often labeled as the enemy of diets, which is false. The truth is there are three different types of carbs, all serving a particular function for the body. Sugar and starches are two types of carbs that are energy-yielding, meaning our bodies can break them down for fuel. Then there’s fiber, the third type of carbohydrate, which comes with loads of health benefits such as improved intestinal health. So, you might be asking why carbs get such a bad rap? The reality is that processed carbs—added sugars, refined grains and other refined products like juice—have been stripped of their fiber and often of other important nutrients. Without fiber to slow things down, these carbs are broken down into glucose and released into your bloodstream really quickly, which isn’t good. Anyway, if you’ve been thinking of going low-carb, maybe it’s time to think again. This story here is loaded with more reasons for why you shouldn’t be afraid of carbs—and we’re not talking about the processed ones.

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