Today’s Solutions: June 10, 2023

Imagine it’s the middle of summer and you’re sitting outside with a book you’re trying to read. But there are lots of gnats flying around, landing on your bare arms and neck, buzzing, biting you, and just generally being irritating.They keep interrupting you, diverting your attention, and forcing you to react and shoo them away. The messages we get on the internet are a lot like that.

They swarm in like insects. Most are inconsequential, often from people or companies, we don’t even know. But they demand that we react to them in some way. They’re electronic gnats that are constantly buzzing around you and taking away your ability to focus.

To reclaim your brain, try taking a one-day-a-week electronic detox. Give your brain some much-needed rest and choose to designate one day a week as a device-free day.

Your brain will most likely be tickled by the urge to check your laptop or smartphone, but once you fend off that desire enough times, you will start to feel your thoughts flowing and your brain relaxing. If you need more reasons to take a weekly electronic detox, have a look here.

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