Today’s Solutions: October 27, 2021

Any vegetarian knows the best way to win over carnivores is to show them just how good a meat-less meal can be. So, if you’re looking for new ways to wow everyone at the dinner table—including the carnivores—here are a few delicious veggie dishes that are full of flavor and nutrition. The first dish is a lentil and fennel salad, which features a mix of bold and light flavors and is packed with heart-healthy ingredients. The taste of this nutty legume is complemented by the refreshing light essence of fennel and topped with lemon zest. It’s also a quick one to make. Dish number 2 is a carrot, ginger, pear soup. While pears aren’t usually found in soup, they’re high in fiber and known to help with detoxing your digestive system and populating the gut with good bacteria. Besides the health benefits, the pear will add a subtle touch of sweetness to this gut-healing and immune-boosting bowl. Your cup will be bursting with flavor, including hints of spicy ginger and the slightly bitter, slightly sweet taste of carrots. Up next we have a cauliflower salad with tahini and turmeric. It features a blend of warm ingredients such as roasted cauliflower and lentils as well as lighter ones including arugula, pomegranate seeds, and tahini. Add some turmeric and garlic powder, and you have a flavorful dish full of immune-boosting properties. The fourth dish is the delightful fava bean and sweet pea salad, which is topped with a green salad and a surprising blend of fennel, chives, parsley, and mint. If you’re ready to give this one a try, head to your local farmers market for some fresh fava beans and sweet peas!

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