If you suffer from migraines frequently, you don’t need to rely on pain medicine to get the relief you desire. Instead, all you need to do to stave off migraines is make a few changes to your diet. After twenty-two years of clinical research on migraine management, Rodolfo Low discovered a connection between insulin levels and migraines, concluding that patients can eliminate migraines altogether by better managing their blood levels, for which he advises a hypoglycemic diet. What is a hypoglycemic diet, you might ask? This diet consists of balanced meals of protein, natural carbohydrates, vegetables, and fruits in six small meals per day, along with three snacks per day. The diet also means avoiding bad carbs at all costs and emphasizes starting the day off right away with protein-packed meals. For all the advice you need to craft a diet that keeps migraines away, have a look at this detailed guide here.

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