Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024

You may live in an apartment or a house, but does it feel like a real home? Do you get a feeling of calmness when you walk through the door? If you don’t, there’s no need to fret. With a few simple changes to the setup of your place, you can turn your living space into a real home that makes you feel serene the moment you come inside.

For a serene home, the first thing you must do is take back control; a home that’s a mess will never seem serene.

Next, set some goals for your home. People have varying ambitions for their homes, and differences in taste. You might desire a Zen-inspired retreat, a gallery-like interior that showcases an art collection, or a pillowy palace full of soft surfaces. Each of these goals will require different types of objects, in different quantities. Once you have an idea of what kind of home you want, you can get to work.

The third step to a serene home is to edit your belongings and remove clutter. Start by eliminating the things you already know you don’t need or want and put objects you’re unsure about aside for the time being.

After you do this, get organized by finding the right balance between open and closed storage. Utilitarian products can be stored neatly out of sight in closets, drawers and boxes, which will help more decorative and personal items such as vases, candleholders, pictures and coffee table books come to the fore on open shelves and surfaces.

The next step is to map objects to their functions. Keep toiletries you use every day together on a medicine cabinet shelf that’s easy to reach rather than scattered in different vanity drawers. Put board games close to the table where you play them, magazines by the reading lamp, and pots and pans directly beside the stove. Trust us, this will help keep your brain calm and your home serene.

Last thing: Don’t let packages, bills, shoes, keys and whatever else start to clutter your home—and find spaces that you can dedicate for these types of items.

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