Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2022

Most of the fur sold globally come from animals on fur factory farms – dismal, often filthy places where thousands of animals are crammed into tiny wire-mesh cages their entire lives, just to be killed later on for fashion purposes. Fortunately, fur bans have been introduced in numerous countries in recent years prohibiting the farming of some or all species for fur.

The latest country to prepare such a ban is Ireland. The proposal comes as the country faces increasing pressure to ban fur farms and follow in the footsteps of the 14 other EU countries that have already done so. There are currently at least three fur farms in Ireland, containing up to 200,000 mink crammed in small wire cages. Animal lovers and animal-rights activists who strictly condemn fur farming have welcomed the move.

The practice stopped in England and Wales in 2000 and in Scotland and Northern Ireland two years later, leaving Ireland the last country in the British Isles to phase it out. As awareness of the cruelty associated with fur farming has risen, more and more countries, cities and even luxury fashion houses have started to phase out fur-farming. It’s about time.

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