The Way Through the Woods, a unique memoir juxtaposing grief and mushrooms

the way through the woods

Long Litt Woon’s memoir is not a typical tale of loss. Woon’s compelling memoir beautifully combines her grief, following the passing of her husband, with a passion for mushrooms cultivated in her time of mourning. 

The New York Times review of the book notes, “Long tells the story of finding hope after despair lightly and artfully, with self-effacement and so much gentle good nature that we forgot how sad she (and we) are. Her daring decision to put mushrooms rather than herself at the center of her story speaks to the sort of person, and the sort of narrator, she is.”

Woven into Woon’s journey of learning and foraging are raw and honest moments about the reality of anguish and loss. The combination of such seemingly disconnected subjects such as mushrooms and mourning perfectly demonstrates the complex nature of grieving. 

Read the full description and have a look inside of this evocative memoir to learn more about the book and the author. 

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