This organic lawn care brand wants to remove pesticides from the American lawn

We’re in an age of plant-based diets, organic grocery stores, and farm-to-table restaurants. But if you observe the average American lawn, and how it’s cared for, it would seem like there’s no alternative to the industrialized, highly chemical-dependent agricultural practices of the ‘50s.

Sunday, a new startup focused on organic fertilizer and chemical-free lawn care, wants to bring the millennial-friendly, direct-to-consumer model to the nation’s nearly $48 billion landscaping and lawn care industry. Subscribers can order fertilizer that’s organic, sustainable, and customized based on the homeowner’s address or pesticide-free weed control products with names such as Weed Warrior and Dandelion Doom.

The Sunday system uses a soil sample, photos, and location data to pinpoint what each lawn needs and how to help it grow with an optimized mixture of nutrients, such as seaweed, molasses, and food waste. The year-long subscription, which sends four boxes to a customer each year like a kind of Blue Apron for your backyard, tailors the ingredients, amount, and even date of delivery to maximize its impact. 

Considering one of the larger brands in the market, Roundup, is the subject of a series of class-action lawsuits alleging its products cause cancer, there seems to be room in the market for Sunday to compete.

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