Today’s Solutions: June 04, 2023

Going back to work after a weekend off, or even after downtime in the evening, can be a challenge.  A healthy life-work balance demands that we do take time to mentally detach from our jobs when we go home in the evening and over the weekend.  The problem is, if we fully detach, it can be stressful to get back into work when we return.  

A new study shows that simple practice of “reattachment” to your job can really help.  Jessica Stillman wrote about this on Inc. the other day, and we loved the concept. The study was small, but when the researchers analyzed the responses, they found that those who consciously took a few minutes to mentally reattach to their work by reflecting on their goals and priorities experienced “a cascade of positive experiences during the day.” 

 Stillman outlines the practice of reattaching by posing three simple questions: First: Why does the work I do matter to me? How does my work impact the lives of others? Second: Who are the people–both at work and in my personal life–who support me and my professional success?  Lastly: What would I like to focus on today? By helping you mentally reattach to your work mind, these simple questions to ask yourself on the way into work each morning can make a difference in your whole day.

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