Today’s Solutions: May 21, 2024

In our fast-paced lives, it can be all too easy to let work and family commitments overwhelm us. Finding ways to effectively cope with that negative feeling of being stretched too thin can help prevent symptoms related to long term stressors, including heart disease, depression, and diabetes. One powerful tool against toxic stress is to build a practice of feeling content and joyous in your life, so this week we have six strategies to help you stay healthy and balanced, even when you’re experiencing stressful times.

  1. Eat well — It can be tempting to binge on salty or sweet treats when we’re feeling anxious, but fueling your body with nutritious food will be more satisfying in the long run, and give you the energy to face all your commitments with confidence.
  2. Fit in some exercise — Other than keeping you physically fit, endorphins released when exercising are a powerful mood enhancer. Home workouts or lunchtime walks are an easy way to sneak some movement into your busy schedule.
  3. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help — Mental health is as important as physical health and the two are intricately linked. Talking to your doctor or to a therapist can help you find relief if you find yourself perpetually stressed out.
  4. Get enough sleep — This is your body’s time to reboot and repair so take a break and let yourself rest.  Plus, some of our best problem solving is done when we sleep.
  5. Be smart about how you cope — Look at your support system, do your friends, family, and relationships help or harm when you are most stressed? Invest in the ones that do, let the others go.  You can also develop positive coping habits like short walks, listening to music, or drinking a relaxing cup of tea.
  6. Remember your job does not define you — If your work puts you in a place of constant stress, ask yourself: is it worth it? Take time every day to relax and think: how can I bring my best self to work, and how can my job best support me?  
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