Today’s Solutions: July 07, 2022

Fighting climate change from the comfort of your sofa is something hard to conceive, but that’s exactly what Danish people were able to do this weekend through the help of a TV fundraiser.

Individuals and companies alike in Denmark donated about $2.7 million to plant almost 1 million trees across the Scandinavian country in a telethon described as the world’s first to focus on the climate. For every 20 Danish kroner ($3) donated, one tree is to be planted, and 20 percent of the total donations will be earmarked for forest conservation efforts in the country.

The fundraising event, which included musical guests and was broadcast on Denmark’s public TV channel TV2, aimed at raising 20 million Danish kroner to plant 1 million trees. Falling just short of the organizers’ goal, enough money was raised to plant 914,233 trees.

As making the world greener through reforestation projects is a central part of the climate crisis solution, finding such innovative ways like the telethon, through which people can contribute to the cause, is an essential tool in the fight against climate collapse.

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