Today’s Solutions: June 26, 2022

Would you consider placing a movable bed in front of your closet to save space? What if the bed could move itself automatically when you needed to access your shoes? Ori, a customizable furniture company, is joining others, such as Alphabet and Sidewalk Labs, and embracing how robotics will play a part in the real estate of the future. In a significant collaboration with furniture giant Ikea, Ori has received funding from city planning, retail, and hospitality companies to create high tech furniture that allows your living space to be adaptable, efficient, and transformable. 

Featuring products such as mobile and transformable walls, shelves, beds, and closets, these innovative living spaces can be fitted to meet a wide variety of functionality and style housing needs.

At the Optimist Daily, we have embraced stories that feature the environmental, financial, and personal benefits of smaller living spaces and now, with high tech and versatile home layouts, your living space can be smaller, yet more functional, than ever.

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