Today’s Solutions: March 29, 2023

Over the last couple of months, we have seen numerous fast-food chains embracing the idea of plant-based food items. Burger King now has the ‘Impossible Whopper”, Subway has “Beyond meatballs”, and even KFC launched its “Beyond Fried Chicken”, which caused a frenzied reaction from the crowd upon its launch.

Surprisingly, one of the few chains to hold back from the plant-based craze of the couple months has been fast-food giant McDonald’s. McDonald’s initially held back from rolling out its own meatless burger, waiting for the trend to be substantiated with actual long term interest from customers. It now seems that fast-food meatless options are here to stay, considering McDonald’s is finally caving to the trend and will start rolling out its own Beyond Meat burger patty.

The new food option, named the “P.L.T.” (Plant. Lettuce. Tomato.), will be tested in Ontario, Canada for 12 weeks. This small roll out from McDonald’s will serve to test the P.L.T., with further plans to expand if the initial rollout is successful. With meatless patties tasting more and more like actual meat, it’s expected that the item can attract both meat and non-meat eaters. Hopefully, it will spur people to ditch the meat options altogether.

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