Today’s Solutions: June 26, 2022

The climate crisis can be a difficult and scary topic to discuss, even with other adults. When it comes to talking about climate change with your kids, it gets even tougher. Here are some tips on how to discuss climate change with your kids in a productive and honest way.

Break the silence

Don’t be afraid to bring the topic up. Your kids are likely more curious about the topic than you might imagine.

Kids need basic facts

Choose honest, basic, scientific facts to share with your kids. Picking an educational movie or book could be a good way to introduce them to the basics.

Be tuned into your child’s emotions

Talking about the climate crisis can bring up intense feelings. Consider spending time in nature while talking about it to maintain a calm environment.

Help your kid engage in the fight against climate change

Do a beach clean up, attend a city council meeting, or engage them in planning at least one vegan meal a week.

Stay hopeful and reassure kids that people are taking action!

Even adults can get stuck in a negative mentality about climate action. Be sure to teach your children about all the people making positive climate impacts and not to despair.

Many of us are nervous to broach the subject of climate change, even with relatives or coworkers, but the honest discussion is an important part of the solution. Be honest, stay positive, and teach them it’s okay to talk about tough topics. 

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